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I see you trauma

How crafty you have become in the generations of moving through my people. You have lured them from the fields into the arms of the oppressor chasing language and letters after their name. Letters that create value in your world and often sadly taking them from what we value in ours.
I see you Scarcity Trauma
I see how big institutions wave proportionally small program dollars at our folx and our scarcity trauma allows us to jump and perform for them rather than insist on control of those dollars that come here.
I see you identity trauma
I see how in the absence of our own culture we adapt to others who easily feed it to us, while desperately wishing to have our ways.
I see you historical trauma
I see how we fawn instead of fight when systems that are not meant for us come into our community. I see how we lay down our power and call it sovereignty.
I see you generational trauma
I see how we were taught to stay small and not make waves and be grateful. I see your grip in our community as we become more and more colonized in our thinking.
I see you racialized trauma
I see how our bodies are discomfited by others in our community. Those ways that move through our body before we even understand it, rendering us lessened of our power and our capacity to act in our best interest. Or to puff up and be out of right relationship.
I see you Church trauma
How our hurt shows up and out at the church where some of the most vicious fights happen and separation in communities and families. And secrets and violence and on and on.
I see you trauma, I see your grip, your effect, your destruction.
I also see a way through. If enough of us see you, we can find a way through.
I see you my beloved community. I see the reasons they often take advantage of our position.
We have more power than we can even imagine.
I see your suffering, your unspoken anguish even in your success.
I see our trauma markers everywhere. It’s not in some of us, it's in all of us.
I see the system and culture that informed us, how could it be any other way.
I see the policies, the academics, that diminish us at our core daily.
I see the personal , interpersonal, ideological and institutional trauma in which we are all moving.
I see a way through. To wake up from this madness.
Our people are dying. Our children are lost. It’s time we reckon with this and not perpetuate it to another generation.
I see you suffering, beloved friend. It is not you, it is what happened to you.
It is not us. It is what happened to us.
I see you - the children of the ones who did not die and did not leave. We have a sacred obligation to heal this soul wound that is at the core of the suffering of our people.
I see our healing. I see our wholeness. I see our reclaiming. I see our remembering. I see us coming home.
If you see it too, drop your email or contact here or PM me. Many of us have been talking about this for a long time. It’s time we know and understand what happened to us and have the tools to move through. Let’s build a collaborative and get this done.
I see the magnificence that the Creator placed in you. If you don’t see it, that’s the trauma we are talking about. I love you.

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