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Poetry by Kim Pevia
You say

(To the niblings…deep, abiding love)


You say, I am a healer. If I am, I am a wounded one. If there is any medicine in me, it is the salve I have learned to apply to my life, my heart, my mind, my soul, when life hollowed me out, and there was nothing left to do but to heal .


You say that I am wise. If there is any wisdom, it came from deep self reflection, inquiry and notes, left to remind myself when I came to the rung of suffering that I will again return to joy.


You say I am a teacher. If I am a teacher, then it is because life has so many lessons and tests and I have taken good notes along the way.


You say I am an encourager. If I am it is because I know what it is like to feel unseen and encouraged and I want to see the unseen gifts inside all of us when we feel seen and encouraged.


Most importantly, remember whatever you say I am, you are also. You are also a healer, you are wise, you are a teacher and encourager. Thank you for your gifts.

Perhaps, completely drawn into my own madness.

It feels like surrender, I must.

It’s my only translation of life now, through my body.

And finding language to express it.

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You drew your shield around your heart.

And then I drew mine.

With no air it won’t be long.


-Euthanizing love

Once incubated in the box of zoom

Now withered in the white of day.


-Covid (dis)connection.


May we choose wisely how we spend our energy.

May we be in deep and sacred inquiry

to the point that it quakes and burns off

everything that doesn’t lead to our shared liberation.

Breathe in, breathe out. Be still until you no longer feel the urge to defend, attack or contract. Breathe in, breathe out. 

Be still.

So much to be learned in the dance of relationship.

Whether personal, professional, intimate or organizational the dance is still the same. 

Harmony, disharmony, repair, learn, repeat.

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Hello grief, I know you well. Having studied you and witnessed you travel through many of those I love as you bring pain in the wake of loss.


Hello grief, after being a bridge for many to walk over I feel you pool around my feet. I feel you rising. I know the surge to come. 


Hello grief , you are here because there is love.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 2.46_edited.jpg

I am becoming water.

I let everything rinse its grief in me

And reflect back as much light as I can.

Funny, how beloved I was to you when the truth I told was away from you.

Unfunny, when the truth I told to you came near, in your heart, I was no longer dear.

 -Life lesson 82423

If new information allows for a change of heart and mind, resist the urge to say “I told you so."

Rather say, “welcome to the light."

As much as we want it, we don’t allow space for growth.

There is a place inside of every human, every religion, every culture, every heart. It is our place of connection, of similarity, of sameness.

That place is called love.

I no longer want to meet at the place of difference and be distracted from what is possible because the differences repel us. 

I yearn to be drawn by the common belief, the sameness, the love. I want to practice it, to learn and grow in it, to trust love above all else, to apply it to everything and watch the differences dissolve. 

To watch love prevail.

If you know that place and want the same, I will meet you there.

I will meet you at love.

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