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Learn & practice with us!

Everything we do is about helping folks get free so we can all get free. Societal transformation begins with personal transformation. So many of us are told lies about who we are, what we are capable of, and our connection to each other and all living beings in the universe. These lies disconnect us from our own inner wisdom and each other. We are biologically, spiritually designed to thrive in this abundant place we all call home. The truth of our belonging and connection to the web of life, to each other is within us, accessible to us when we settle into our bodies, aligning fully our intellects and unique gifts with the innate knowings etched into our bones, hearts, and spirits. The disconnection we feel within ourselves and from each other is at the root of all the unnecessary suffering.

Each of us carrying great deal of wisdom within us -- in our bodies. We teach people how to access their own healing, wisdom, and unique gifts through full alignment with the body and the energy that is us and all of life and also available to us for our wellbeing and the fulfillment our life's purpose.

We make ease (Es) of this work through Education, Experience, and Embodiment. All of our courses, workshops, retreats, etc create a space for folks to learn and experience a decolonized way of being. The information, tools, and practices we offer guide you through a process of re-storying your life, removing barriers and energetic blockages that keep you from the transformation you seek and create containers for the kind of embodied experiences that shift your ways of being and unlocks the personal power, wisdom, and gifts that you have been carrying with you all along. 


Committing to practice is key to our transformation. We cannot be or become what we do not practice. This is also true of us. We are practitioners, not experts. We are guides, teachers and students, who offer containers for us all to learn, heal, and grow together.


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