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There is always a way home, back to your own inner prizes.

Let's go there together! 

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hello loves,

My name is Kim Pevia. I am the Founder and Principal of K.A.P. Inner Prizes. With more than 20 years experience in coaching, facilitation, and grounded race equity training, I have helped many clients break through obstacles. I work with individuals, communities, and organizations to develop personalized toolkits for healing and transformation. Get in touch today to see what we can co-create together.

Creator whispered ... when you learn to let your intellect serve your spirit and not the other way around, your life will transform. Are you ready?

Emotional & Somatic Justice and Liberation
Gifts of Conflict & Fear
Relational & Cultural Community Engagement
Restorative Justice
Indigeneity & Colonization
Uprooting White Supremacy & Decolonization

"Oh precious one. I see you trying to fly. I know you want to soar.


Do not become angry or bitter or jealous or judgmental. Those things will become mud in your wings and you will not be able to flap your wings.


I want what you want for yourself. If it's not working out, it's time to work in. Trust that this too is here to teach you something. Surrender.


Ask, what do I need to learn? Where do I need to grow? Where is there mud in my wings?


And when the inner work is done and the mud is gone you will find yourself in flight."


- Kim Pevia


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