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My Story & Clients

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My name is Kim Pevia. I am the Founder and Principal of K.A.P. Inner Prizes. I was born in Baltimore, MD, where I also studied psychology. Many years ago, I felt the call to come home to Robeson County, NC where my roots run deep as a member of the Lumbee Tribe. It was there in my own homecoming that my life shifted. I learned to let my intellect serve my spirit, my community, and Creator. This shift created the space and opportunity that led me to support others in their own homecoming.

For more than 20 years, I’ve helped my clients find their own journey home -- breaking through the obstacles that were holding them back. I work with them to develop a personalized toolkit to support their transformation. I am an experienced life strategist, engaging keynote speaker, a skilled workshop facilitator, and a strategic thought partner with a particular gift helping individuals and organizations align their doing with their values. How they are “being” in the “doing."

Let your doing arise from your being. Let your intellect serve your spirit and not the other way around.


I operate from the knowledge that white supremacy culture is inculcated in our systems and structures and in us. It is in the soil and the water of our lives, how could it not be in us? How could it be any other way?


Colonial thinking insists that we separate ourselves, using only the mind and deny emotion and body. We, however, are NOT separate. I work with my clients to develop the tools they need to engage their emotions and bodies in partnership. When we align our mind, body, and spirit in our being, we unlock our own agency for radical change within ourselves, cultures, and systems --- change that is rooted in the radical love, empathy, and reciprocity we so desperately need in such a time as this. 


Uprooting racism is critical now, and it starts with us looking within. I work with organizations and individuals to find and uproot racism. I use indigenous wisdom, love, and humor to move us into a more liberated world. I collaborate with experienced professionals to offer a range of customized services to support personal, organizational, and community growth & development, specializing in:

  • Radical love

  • Emotional & somatic justice and liberation

  • Mindfulness & somatic embodied practices

  • Gifts of conflict & fear

  • Organizational relational culture shift

  • Whole human centered approach

  • Indigeneity and colonization

  • Uprooting your own stuff

  • Decolonizing your mind and practices

  • Decolonizing white supremacy culture

  • Grounded & relational race equity 

  • Restorative justice

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Pain doesn’t need a headspace to explain it. It needs a heartspace to witness it.

Past Clients

Art | Theatre | University | Business | Non-profit | Healthcare | Food Systems | Government

WIA-Youth Start Program

Women AdvaNCe

Lumbee Tribe of NC Lumberton

Chamber of Commerce

Two Hawk Employment Services

Pembroke Chamber of Commerce

NC Coalition against Domestic Violence

Non Profit Marketing Guide

Robeson County Partnership for Children

Southern Movement Assembly

Robeson Health Care

Lumber River Council of Governments

League of Chicago Theatres

National Coalition for Non Profits

UNC Chapel Hill

UNC Pembroke

Guardian Ad Litem

Alternate Roots

Community & Board Affiliations

My service work has included founding the Artist Market-Pembroke, providing retail opportunities for local and regional artists in southeast North Carolina and serving as the President of the Pembroke Chamber of Commerce, Board Chair of Women AdvaNCe, Board President of Southeastern Family Violence Center, Board Chair of the American Indian Women of Proud Nations, Board Chair of Alternate Roots, and as a member of the Governance Council for the Southern Movement Assembly.

I currently serve as the Board Chair for the annual Lumbee Film Festival and as a board member for Working Films and North Carolina Arts Council. I also engage in local community efforts for healing and reconciliation through facilitation of community healing circles, organizing to bring awareness, healing, and political action for the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women in my community and around the country, and participation in the statewide Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation Project led by Beloved Community Center.  

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